Travellers Guide to SOUTH AFRICA - Tips & Requirements

Get valuable tips covering a broad range of topics from visa requirements to safety practices, including unique and sometimes quirky South African factors like load shedding and car guards, to take into consideration.

Click the link below to view tips that will help you plan your trip and have a great experience in South Africa!

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Mark Payne
+27 82 708 6296
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Peter Papadimitropoulos:  
+27 72 781 3135  
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To determine whether you require a visa to enter South Africa, visit the comprehensive South African Home Affairs Department website at: Click here

For VISA support:  
(+27) 21 551 8829
Blade Express
+27 11 656 8044
+27 82 860 8712
+27 73 178 3499


Attendees are advised to arrange a standard (credit card associated) travel insurance in place from their country of origin.


Velocity Vision

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